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Official international clinics of Dr. Le Thuy Oanh

Số 37A2 Lý Nam Đế – Hàng Mã – Hoàn Kiếm – Hà Nội

 Số 19 ngách 24 ngõ 3 Thái Hà ,Đống Đa,Hà Nội.

02-463 Warszawa Ul. Naukowa 4


Our institute is specialized in accupuncture, catgut-embedding, massage, footmassage, bioenergy treatment.

You can fine here on our website information about the catgut-embedding, Le Thuy Oanh’s method that is a special, further development of traditional acupuncture techniques.

As a quick reference, you can find here the list of typical diseases that can be cured with catgut-embedding technique.

Over the years thousands of our patients have been cured successfully. Read some of the comments from them about their own experiences.

In case you have interested in our method or our institute, please contact us!

Some pictures about our institute

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